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French with Nicole

It's more than French!

Nicole conceived the pioneering idea of ’French with Nicole' classes after she heard about her friends’ frustrations with travelling to France and not being able to communicate with the locals. They wanted to learn the French language, but were not interested in traditional grammar-based classes.


Enter Nicole’s fun and engaging French classes. Taught out of the trendiest French-influenced cafes in Melbourne, these classes feature useful French for travel scenarios, cultural references, travel tips on where to eat and stay, excursions and diverse experiences, all shared with like-minded people.

French with Nicole helps you to feel French in Melbourne. With introductions to her French friends around the city, Nicole’s students are able to get a taste of French daily life without leaving the country. 


Make French your thing! Come join us to immerse yourself in the romance of France, meet new people and most importantly, have fun! All levels welcome. FREE coffee with your first class!

Improve your French right now!

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