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Walk the French Talk

“Nicole is an energetic, creative and nurturing tour leader. Her ability to talk in french to everyone she meets opens up unexpected doors leading to adventures beyond the usual itinerary . My second Walk the Talk Trip .. Bags are packed for 2017”

Deborah, Melbourne 2016

“Nicole Ress has 25 years experience managing her family, successful Melbourne Hospitality businesses and together with her passion for the French language, gastronomy and wine has equipped her to be the consummate host, ensuring an unforgettable trip”
Jill, Melbourne 2015

“Nicole's energy and enthusiasm was inspiring to all her companions, and she gave the students many opportunities to have free time to practice French with the locals. Better than Abercrombie & Kent. Can’t wait to travel again" 
Fay, Melbourne 2016

“What an amazing experience with Nicole and this great intimate group. Can’t believe how much french I learned and made lasting friends. Where are we going in 2017?”
Tonia, Melbourne 2016

“7 stars, fabulous attention to detail. No request was too much trouble for her. An unforgettable experience”
Jenny, Sydney 2016

“What an amazing tour. To be so cared for yet so free to wander and experience the true Provence, is a joy. Nicole’s experience and preparation is second to none. We have every day experienced something new and fabulous. The last two days have been wonderful, particularly the accommodation you chose for us. Merci Nicole for your professional yet friendly way of dealing with us everyday. For an enjoyable and intellectually stimulating tour, Walk the French Talk “
Judith, Melbourne 2017

“I loved every minute of Walk the French Talk  Tour. Nicole’s vibrant nature leads to many experiences off the itinerary. If there is a criticism is that it has come to an end too quickly P.S Nicole’s red hair is a beacon and when given free time in a village it was easy to find her”
Margarita, Cape Town 2017


"I have thoroughly enjoyed  Walk the French Talk Tour with Nicole, particularly our Michelin Star Cooking Class. What an honour to work along side a great French chef in his kitchen as he was preparing for lunch clients. Thank you for organising our game of Pétanque with the locals. This would not  happen on a regular tour. Your ability to talk to strangers opened up spontaneous events. 
Maurie, Melbourne 2017


“Nicole, thank you very much. You have made the trip even more special than I thought it was going to be. You packed every day absolutely full of every possible activity we could experience  while balancing free time, and it was amazing. I particularly loved that we had spontaneous adventures such as meeting Master Chocolatier, on our way to dinner. Who else would knock on a window and get the owner to open the door and offer us chocolates and tasting lesson. 
In a short space of time we have done a lot  and in all in french”
Sandra, Melbourne 2017


“I  have enjoyed myself. Its been great. I joined the tour with my wife who is learning french with Nicole . As a non-french speaker I appreciated that you translated our Châteauneuf-du-Pape wine experience, history discovery at the Synagogue, artisanal goat cheese making lesson and more. I also discovered a passion for art when sitting at my easel with umbrella re -creating Van Gogh’s footsteps. Meeting  your artist friend was an honour. Thank you”
John, Melbourne 2017

“Thank you Nicole for the most amazing 10 days. Your professionalism, creativity and forethought has provided a tour that has exceeded my expectations. We learned to “ expect the unexpected”

You are the top, the creme de la creme and  I will be your best ambassador” Cathie, Melbourne 2018


“ You have produced the best bespoke trip I have ever been on. You have enriched all my senses through a multitude of experiences . It’s been absolutely tremendous” Greta, Melbourne 2018


“Its been the most wonderful trip . I love the way that you attended to everyone’s personal needs and made us all feel special” ,Solange, Melbourne 2018


“You have allowed me to participate in multiple experiences through music, art, food, nature walking, villages, and wine and the most amazing is how this fabulous group of women who didn’t know each other formed  such a  special bond through your loving , caring, giving nature. A very special trip thanks to you.” Vicki, Melbourne 2018


“I particularly enjoyed your most amazing passionate friends  who presented their specialities to us. It was a privilege to meet them all and I enjoyed learning of their passion in french and english” Jenni, Melbourne 2018


“Quite unique! I have done a lot of exclusive tours but  I  have never experienced the level of your attention to detail and quality of experiences. I particularly loved how everyone bonded and felt included and didn’t have to worry about a thing knowing Nicole was in charge” Evelyn, Melbourne 2018


“Nicole was wonderful when something happened to my husband, in Australia, as was everyone else . One of my greatest memories is meeting these wonderful people who I very much hope I will see  again. Thank you Nicole for selecting us all to join you on this unforgettable journey through Provence.” Kaye, Melbourne 2018

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Testimonial Vicki, 2018
Testimonial Solange, 2018
Testimonial Kaye, 2018
Testimonial Judith, 2017
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