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Côte d'Azur to Provence


13 June - 23 June 2019


First up in this exciting 11 day experiential tour, make yourself at home in in Nice. Next, discover the art of living on the French Riviera, soaking up the sun and panorama of the Mediterranean.


Looking to experience something out of the ordinary? You've come to the right place. Sharing gastronomic experiences, and walking in the footsteps of Van Gogh  are just a couple of the unforgettable moments on this tour.


Our hotels are hand picked to reflect the local character, giving you the opportunity for immersion in french culture.


From  the sights and scents of the Lavender fields and the Sunflowers to the colourful Provençal markets in quintessential cobblestone villages perched high on hills, you will  discover the best of this superb region. 

It's true what you've heard. The South of France is a vision as much as it is a place. A coast that inspired generations of artists, such as Matisse and Chagall, Picasso and Van Gogh; and stone villages sleeping under the sun. 

From the moment you join us in Nice  to when we leave you in Avignon TGV, expect the rest of the world to disappear when you are on this tour! 

Tour Highlights
  • Chic elegance on the Côte d’Azur~ based in Nice

  • Visit spectacular perched villages on the Mediterranean 

  • Scenic drive on the famous Riviera Corniche

  • Gourmet food experiences 

  • Hands-on cooking class with Michelin Star Chef

  • Discover stunning perched Provençal villages

  • Shop in colourful Provençal artisan & craft markets

  • Explore magical Luberon villages

  • Professional guided nature walk

  • Châteauneuf- du -Pape wine experience

  • Experience Provençal lavender 

  • Sound and light experience at the dazzling Carrière des Lumières

  • Travelling concierge 24/7

  • French Language immersion

  • Relaxed pace, flexible program



Note: Itinerary is subject to change to take advantage of local events

or call Nicole directly

on 0413 747 678

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